Salmonella Control

Ready-to-Eat Products

Year Title Author Link
2021 Meeting the Humidity Requirements for Appendix A Knipe Website

Salmonella Compliance Guidelines for Small and Very Small Meat and Poultry Establishments that Produce Ready-to-Eat Products




New Compliance Guidelines for Ready-to-Eat Products

Knipe PDF

Dry-Fermented Products


Raw Products 

Year Title Author Link
2005 Antimicrobial Spray Treatments for Red Meat Carcasses Processed in Small Meat Establishments PSU, TTU & WSU Booklet

Jerky Products 

Year Title Author Link
2016 Jerky Validation Research UW Website
  Summary of UW Validated Beef Jerky Processes Bob Hanson PDF
2014 Compliance Guidelines for Meat and Poultry Jerky  FSIS PDF