Gamma Sigma Delta's International Award of Merit

International Award of Merit

Dr. Lynn Knipe, Associate Professor

Department of Animal Sciences and Food Science & Technology

Dr. Lynn Knipe has traveled extensively to countries in Asia and Central America to promote meat safety, improve quality in meat handling and processing, and to support OSU students in study abroad opportunities. These programs are supported by the American Soybean Association, the US Meat Export Federation and Asian Agribusiness Magazine. Dr. Knipe has conducted meat processing short courses for the Asian Meat Industry in Singapore, conducting 90% of the program. Processors from eight different countries participated in these courses. He has also taught at programs in Costa Rica, South Korea, and the Philippines. In response to the global demand for meat processing technology from an unbiased source, Lynn is developing on-line courses on sausage and whole muscle processing. Dr. Knipe was invited to coordinate a week-long program as part of an OSU Study Abroad Course to Beijing, China based on the issues of global trade of food products which was well received by students. As a result of his contacts in China, OSU was invited to participate in the US-China Agriculture and Food Partnership.