Temperature Regulations and Guidelines

Temperature Regulations/Guidelines (7/12/99)

Cooked Product Final Internal Temperatures

Cooked Products (except poultry)                           158°F (Salmonella guidelines)

Cooked Ground Beef Patties                                   160°F

Uncured Cooked Poultry                                          160°F

Cured Cooked Poultry                                              155°F


Chill Times/Temperatures – Cooked Products


Cooked Beef                         Chill starts within 90 minutes post-cook

120°F to 80°F in 1 hr. (updated 5/99)

80 to 55°F in 5 hrs. (total of 6 hrs.)

40°F before packing for shipment       


Rapid Chill                            130°F to 80°F in 1.5 hrs.

                                                80°F to 40°F in 5 hrs. (6 ½ total)


Slow Chill                              130°F to 80°F in 5 hrs. (updated 5/99)

(contains nitrite)                   80°F to 40°F = 10 hrs. (15 hrs total) (updated 5/99)


Raw Poultry Temperature Regulations

Raw Poultry                40°F (storeage)

                                      >55°F (processing), chill to 40°F in 2 hrs.

Processing Room Temperature

>50°F requires mid-shift cleanup

Moisture:Protein Ratios

Pepperoni -1.6:1                                      Genoa Salami - 2.1:1

Dry (Hard) Salami - 1.9:1                      Jerky - 0.7:1

Summer sausage - 3.1:1                         Dried beef - 2.04:1