The OSU Thermal Processing of Ready-to-Eat Meat Products Short Course

May. 28, 2024

Thermal Processing Participants and Speakers

We completed the first OSU Thermal Processing of Ready-to-Eat Meat Products short course since the pandemic.  This 3-day course covers the technical and regulatory aspects of cooking and chilling of ready-to-eat meat products, presented by 10 speakers from the equipment industry, USDA-FSIS and OSU.  Denny Heldman, Bala Balasubramaniam, and I were the OSU speakers. As part of the course, participants got to tour a smokehouse that was built to be used for research in the Ag. Engineering Building and Bala’s HPP facility in Parker Food Science. 

This course attempts to teach and apply food microbiology and food engineering to meat and food scientists and is the only one if its kind in the U.S.  The first course was held in 2000, as a result of a meat industry consultant’s concern for the future regulatory challenges that he saw for companies making ready-to-eat meat products.  This year, we had participants who had registered from companies in 13 states and Canada, and 2 universities besides OSU, Purdue and ITAL in Brazil.  The largest contingency this year was from the state of Illinois, followed by that state up north.