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Welcome to The Ohio State University Meat Science Extension program!

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  1. 2021 Buckeye Fresh Mini Meat Cutting Workshops

    Feb 22, 2021

    Want to learn more about food animal processing? Ohio State University extension meat specialists are offering a two-day workshop to help the current labor force face challenges brought forth by the 2020 pandemic.

    What To Expect: Participants will have a better understanding of anatomy, muscle myology, cutting guidelines, food safety, meat quality, the role of processed meat and government regulated non-meat ingredients (i.e. salt, phosphates, nitrites, etc.) finalized by conducting hands-on cutting tests to understand the impact of yields on profit margins.

  2. Selling and Pricing Freezer Beef

    Nov 12, 2020

    Selling and Pricing Freezer Beef

  3. Factors Impacting Total Pounds of Meat From Food Animals

    Nov 12, 2020

    Factors Impacting Total Pounds of Meat From Food Animals